Before any customer even considers looking up your store location and visiting your business, they first search online and check out your website.

A professional and informative website will make the ever-important first impression that you need in order to attract the greatest number of customers.


Our Services

Here is a brief summary of the most common requests from our clients:

Toggle Web Development specializes in creating totally responsive, mobile-ready websites.

We ensure that your visitors will experience a modern and professional website, regardless of which device or platform they are on.

So.. why is mobile (responsive) design so important?

Toggle Web Development can help you register your domain name and set up your server in a very short amount of time, hassle-free!
Once your website is up and running, we offer ways to help you maintain and update your site’s content.

This may include things such as updating postings, adding/removing media, or making sure your website is running efficiently (fast and error-free).

Social media presence involves more than simply having a Facebook page (though that is also important).

Depending on your type of business, there could be social media outlets you should be part of that you are ignoring.

Toggle will help you set up accounts on various networks, and integrate their presence into your website for maximum inter-connectivity and exposure.

A lot of assets are required in order to put together a beautiful website. There are many elements to consider, such as beautiful background wallpapers, suitable pictures, and effective media clips.

You may or may not have everything you want on your website ready-to-go for us. From professional-grade to low-cost to royalty-free, Toggle can help you find all the items you need in order to complete your new website.

From paid solutions to simple cost-free tweaks you can make to your website to help it appear in search engines, we can help!
Aside from complete development solutions, Toggle can also assist you in various other tasks.

We have helped businesses create and acquire business cards, individuals looking for work create a professional online resume, and consulted businesses on how to improve their existing websites.

Simply fill out an inquiry form outlining what you need, and we will be happy to see how we can help you.

Check out the full list of our services!


Exceptional Client Service

Talking to past clients, we have heard our share of horror stories from them regarding subpar developers they had the misfortune of dealing with in the past. Here are just a few of their most common complaints:

    • Not being kept up-to-date with progress of project
    • Low quality work resulting in a) lost customers b) needing to find/pay someone else to do the work c) extreme frustration
    • Being charged professional pricing but not receiving a professional product
    • Repeatedly missed deadlines
    • A general sense of neglect by the developer

The mission statement of Toggle Web Development is to avoid all of the above pitfalls. While designing and creating the perfect website for your business naturally takes a fair amount of resources, time, and attention, we understand that you are eager to have your new website bringing in large numbers of customers for you as soon as possible.


Take Your Project To The Next Level

Whether you have some production experience and is simply looking for some additional assistance, or you have no idea where to even begin designing and getting your site online, we are here to help!

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