Wedding Details

Not sure if you’re going to make it? Are you a stickler for details? You really should be spending the whole day with us since it’s going to be so wonderful, but just in case you were curious how the day is going to break down, below are all the details outlined for your enjoyment and convenience!

Rehearsal Dinner

Rehearsal Dinner

February 13th 2016
6.00pm – 8.00pm

Lovey Dovey Hall, 123 Marriage Street, Toronto Ontario, L4Z3P6
Come watch us fumble through the rehearsal and have some laughs.. then have a bunch of delicious food with us. It’ll be great!

Main Ceremony

The Ceremony

February 14th 2016

Lovey Dovey Church, 228 Eternal Avenue, Toronto Ontario, L4Z3P9
The main event! This is where the real mushy stuff and tears come out. Be sure to bring a whole bunch of tissues. It’s going to be soooo romantic, you guys.

The Party

Party Time!

February 14th 2016
5.00pm – 11.30pm

Lovey Dovey Banquet Hall, 355 Feast Drive, Toronto Ontario, L2Q9Z8
What everyone is really after. The good stuff. Food, booze, and dancing! Totally going to be a blast! Good judgement and inhibitions are recommended, but most definitely not mandatory.



Just let us know and we’ll talk about it. We got a great group rate at a nearby hotel!
Our best advice would be to dress how you imagine someone would dress for a wedding!
Of course! This is where the whole ‘respond with a +1’ comes into play! Check off the box and let us know.
Of course! We’re all loving family-oriented people here. Just.. keep them away from all the booze that will be there šŸ˜‰
Without a doubt! If we like you enough to invite you to our wedding, we like you enough not to see you have an allergic reaction. Just let us know ahead of time.
Yes, there will be plenty of parking at all 3 venues. And it will be free. But carpool and get designated drivers if you are going to drink!

Swirl Top

Will you be coming?

True love, delicious food, great friends, beautiful people, and super excitement. Do we really need to sell you more on this?!? Just come. Or else we will all be gossiping about why you would snub us.

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