The Wedding Party

While each and every one of our wedding guests are truly appreciated, our wedding party represents an extra special part of our big day. Each of them will be an integral part of our wedding. For those attending who might not know them, here is a little bit about each of them!


Angie - Maid of Honor

Having known Jess since the age of 5, Angie is her oldest and most trusted friend. She is a fashion designer by day but also frequently enjoys moonlighting as a coffee house singer and acoustic guitar player.


Jill and Jess met in a hot yoga class many years ago, and they’ve been staying hot and fit together since. They used to hit the clubs causing a scene but after the big day, Jill will have to find a new wing woman!


Rachel is Mike’s cousin, and her and Jess have become super close friends. Long before their wedding day, Rachel already considers Jess a member of her family. They both share a strong passion for cheesecake.


Brad - Best Man

Brad and Mike met while studying together in college, and are now both working together at the same sports marketing firm. They frequently enjoy beers and fishing together on the weekends.


What started off as a professional work relationship quickly turned into a bro-mance as Mike and Jack became the all-star players in their ultra-competitive dodgeball league. They are also both paintball enthusiasts.


Mike’s personal trainer Ross has become one of his best friends. They are currently looking to open up their own personal fitness centre. Ross and Mike both also have a great fondness for Japanese anime.

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Will you be coming?

We sincerely hope you will be able to join us for our special day!
Please do let us know if you will be attending, and whether you will be bringing a guest with you to the wedding.

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